Club Penguin Avengers

June 21, 2008

Greetings I am Nodear but I have decided that cp needs to be defended! We tried separate armies but its not working as well as it SHOULD be. So i decided that today I will create Cpa. Cpa is club penguin avengers! We will be a team nachos,golds,cp flyers,fr,rpw,nma,acp etc we will have all the leaders all lead in this army. there will be diffrent legions for example acp legion yet were all together. IMPORTANT: This will not be an army to stop your other one this is just a big team/legion. Stick with your other army but when things are in horrible shape go to this site we will sqedual the attack out number the enemy! Put aside you your deferences when cp needs a hero when cp needs hope…Well be there! We are the Club Penguin Avengers!!!!